DAVENPORT, Tara - Profile Photo

Tara Davenport
Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist

Tara Davenport is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with great passion to help others and to provide optimal evidenced based nutrition to their lifestyle, to help achieve their goals, effectively manage their medical conditions and optimise sporting performance.

Tara has extensive experience in  providing nutrition services in private practice. She has particular interest is gastrointestinal health, weight management, management of chronic disease and nutrition for sport and exercise.
Tara‘s passion for sport nutrition provides individualised nutrition advice to cater for all sporting types. With a long history of participating in various sports herself such as gymnastics, tennis, touch football and triathlons. She is a qualified Sports Dietitian and is a qualified Level 1 Anthropometrist . Tara has provided services for Judo Clubs, Boxers, endurance athletes and girls soccer teams.
Tara is always up to date with the latest evidence based nutrition and believes providing an individualised and holistic approach to clients is vital. Her personable approach and creative strategies are used to help clients achieve their goals.