Clinical Pilates

At Healthology, our exercise physiologists offer clinical pilates, a form of exercise that focuses on the retraining and reconditioning of muscles to improve posture, strength and flexibility. Clinical pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, and is used to treat a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.

It is suitable for clients with pain, movement dysfunction or injury history. This form of pilates aims to progress an individual from static stability to dynamic control. It is ideal for rehabilitation, preventing further injury and for general health and well-being. Our reformers allow for non-weight bearing to heavy resistance, and support joints to accommodate for injuries.

To begin clinical pilates classes, an individual assessment by one of our exercise physiologists is essential before commencing to ensure your program is specific to your injury and goals.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

  • Manage and reduce pain
  • Correct poor mechanics that underlie injuries
  • Improved posture and body awareness
    • Improved balance and motor control
    • Increased flexibility
    • Increased core stability
  • Trains muscle groups to help your body work safely and efficiently
    • Injury prevention
    • Rehabilitation
    • Strength and conditioning
  • Low-impact

We offer clinical pilates at various locations and times.
For more information on our clinical pilates classes, please call 1800 813 113.