Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention, treatment and management of chronic disease and injury, with on-going lifestyle and behaviour modification. An exercise physiologist has completed a 4-year university degree where the anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry have been thoroughly studied to understand the effect exercise has on the human body.


Exercise physiologists can work with complex conditions including but not limited to:

– Chronic disease (Musculoskeletal injuries, Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory diseases, Neurological diseases)

– Mental illness

– Weight management

– Strength and conditioning


On your initial visit, an exercise physiologist will facilitate a range of comprehensive assessments to help understand your health status, lifestyle behaviours, risk factors, goals and any other important information. Collectively this information will allow an exercise physiologist to prescribe you an individualised exercise or rehabilitation program that is suitable to your conditions and lifestyle. They will help establish strategies that are achievable, sustainable and specific to your goals. You will be educated on health- and condition-specific information to help you understand the effect exercise has on your body. Your exercise program will be monitored and progressed as required to help achieve your goals.