Health Programs & Courses

The HEAL Program

Together our exercise physiologists and dieticians facilitate The Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL) Program. The HEAL Program is a lifestyle modification program that enables participants to develop lifelong healthy eating and physical activity behaviours. HEAL is an 8 week program and consists of pre and post program assessments as well as a 12 month follow up health consultation.

Each week participants undertake 1 hour of supervised group-based low to moderate intensity physical activity followed by a 1 hour group-based healthy lifestyle education class.
The HEAL Program was developed by Sydney South West GP Link who conducted programs in South Western Sydney area for 10 years.

The program assists people who are overweight, or obese, with existing chronic disease or at risk of developing chronic disease to improve their health and well-being by providing lifestyle education with a focus on improving nutrition and physical activity and promoting self-management. Persons at risk of developing, or with existing diabetes, heart disease or other conditions are examples of some of the participants that attend HEAL.

Patients can be referred to the HEAL program for Type 2 Diabetes Group Services (Medicare subsidy). To be eligible, patients must have Type 2 Diabetes and a GP Management Plan. These group sessions are in addition to the 5 individual allied health services available under Medicare (EPC Program Referral). Patients with chronic disease risk factors may also be referred to the HEAL program. Eligible patients include those:

  • at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • with 2 or more cardiovascular disease risk factors
  • with a BMI greater than 30

For more information visit the ESSA website.


Diabetes Exercise Program

Our Diabetes Exercise Program is delivered and supervised by accredited exercise physiologists. It aims to develop the skills and knowledge required to manage diabetes through better lifestyle choices.

Our exercise physiologists prescribe individualised exercise programs to address any physical conditions that may limit exercise capacity. The client will be educated to use exercise methods that allow regular exercise without exacerbating symptoms or increasing risk of events. The program includes exercises that can be replicated in the home to allow for long-term sustainability and lifestyle change.

Prior to the commencement of the exercise program, an individual assessment will be undertaken and an individualised exercise program will be prescribed. This is followed by 1 hour of supervised exercise and education for 8 weeks. After the 8-week period, the client has the choice to continue self-managing in a gym-based setting with 4 weeks gym use for free, or to continue self-managing at home using exercise techniques learned in the program.

  • Through out the course, a range of topics will be covered including:
  • The relationship between diabetes and exercise
  • Exercising safely with diabetes, precautions and contraindications
  • Exercise principles and techniques
  • Exercise intensity guidelines
  • Exercise frequency guidelines
  • Gym-based exercise prescription (will be used in the supervised exercise classes)
  • Home based exercise prescription
  • Rehabilitation exercises for musculoskeletal injuries

If you have Type 2 Diabetes you can benefit from regular physical activity by:

  • Increased management and control of blood glucose levels
  • Decreased Hba1c
  • Decreased dependency on medications
  • Improved cholesterol control
  • Improved blood pressure levels
  • Increased insulin function
  • Improved strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced risk of comorbidities


With diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, you are eligible for a Group Diabetes Management Plan Referral under the Medicare scheme. This referral allows for 1 initial assessment and 8 group classes per calendar year.

Initial Assessment: $95 with a $67.95 rebate ($7.05 out of pocket)
Group Program: $20 with a $16.95 rebate ($3.05 out of pocket)


Currently our Diabetes Exercise Program’s take place at Aspley, Deagon and Teneriffe Healthworks Fitness Centres.

Click here to view and download the Type 2 Diabetes Group Referral Form

Twelve Month Transformation 

Want to make a New Year’s Resolution that will leave you feeling happier, healthier, and proud of your exercise regimes? Want to have a healthier body, mind, and relationship with food and activity that is sustainable? Join the New Year’s Revolution!

Weight Management Psychology, Healthology, Tree of Life Nutrition, and Physique Science are teaming up to provide you with an answer that is transformational, person-friendly, and sustainable! Resulting in holistic improvements in wellbeing, the Twelve Month Transformation gives you time to make changes in natural, sensible, and sustainable ways. Following a psychologically informed, non-dieting, sustainable physical activity approach, delivered by a team of specialist professionals, your success will be measured, continuing throughout the whole year, and leave you with changes that last for life!

If you are doing 8-12 week gym programs/bootcamps/challenges in 2015, we welcome you to the Twelve Month Transformation – we can help you measure your results, provide components that you are not receiving (e.g., psychological dietetic), and avoid the pitfalls as you receive the benefits!

Rather than sign you up for a whole program, the Twelve Month Transformation involves quarterly assessments of progress, and a series of individual sessions, group activities, and short “programs” focusing on various psychological, nutritional, and physical changes you can pick and choose from. As we cant to make 2015 transformational for you, we strongly encourage you make a real health focus and do every element – but ultimately your level of involvement is flexible.

Overall and psychology:
Saturday, 17 January – Launch of the Transformation! Group meet-and-greet, WMP Goal-setting© & Workshop – Mindset for Maintenance
Saturday, 4 April – Quarter 1 Check in & Workshop – Transcending Emotional Eating
Saturday, 30 May – Half-Way Check in & Workshop – Developing Sustainable Eating and Moving Habits
Saturday, 19 September – Quarter 3 Check in & Workshop – Building Body Acceptance
Saturday, Date TBA – Final Check in & Group Break Up – FREE!

Individual “Check ins” & Workshops $120.00/ea. ($100.oo/ea early bird)

Whole Psychology Program $480.00/$400.00 early bird (until 1/1/2015)

Paid in monthly instalments AND includes FREE Weight Management Psychology Complete Reprogramming CD Series (normally valued at $300.00)

Registering for the whole program guarantees participation at all check-ins & workshops should they sell-out (and missed sessions can be made up one-on-one with Glenn for a discounted price of $100.00). It also allows access to the other components of the program, detailed below.

Dietetic: 8 week dietetic program by our psychologically minded dietitian Lisa Peterson. Tree of Life dietitians work closely with Weight Management Psychology and can help you incorporate the ideas from the workshops into lasting changes in everyday life! Weekly program $400.00 (normally valued at $480.00. Fortnightly program $220.00 (normally valued at $240.00).

Physical Activity: Individual personal training sessions available Monday to Friday and alternating group walks/personal training sessions of a Saturday morning with our psychologically-minded Principal of Physical Activity, Heath Mackintosh. One-on-one sessions $50.00/ea. Group sessions $125.00/block (normally valued at $200.00).

Exercise Physiology: Full physical fitness assessment, including cardiovascular fitness, strength, range of motion, and functional mobility by Healthology. This information is communicated with Glenn for goal-setting and Health (your personal trainer) for adapting personal training. Recommended BEFORE each check in! $140.00 (normally valued at up to $180.00).

Body Composition: Cutting edge body composition analysis with a Dexa Scan by Physique Science. Can be done at each check in (group scanning between 7-9am) or if another time suits better, preferably BEFORE each check in! ($55 (normally valued at $90.00)

Medical: We want to work with your Doctor! We advise you see your GP BEFORE the program launch to get a full medical test*. As the program is about holistic health, we suggest you follow up any specialist referrals and further tests recommended. You can also ask your GP for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan, which give syou 5 Medicare-rebates sessions with a dietitian and/or exercise physiologist and can be used for Ex Phys/Dietitian/and Dexa Scanning (which is done with a dietitian). You can also investigate a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP, which gives 10 Medicare-rebated sessions over the year with Glenn.

Click here to register for the Twelve Month Transformation